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The Cottage Small Dog Day Care

is Non-traditional and Different From All Other Kennels

Jane Brydon and Bucky

“I designed The Cottage to be THE place where I would want to leave my own little dogs – a warm, loving, homey and safe environment where little dogs flourish.”

Jane Brydon, Owner/Trainer

Jane Brydon, owner and dog trainer, knows and understands the special needs of little dogs. As a dog trainer with a long history of working with dogs, as well as exotic animals at 3 zoos, she is devoted to the enjoyment and welfare of all of her little charges.

The Cottage Small Dog Day Care is a cozy place with a cheerful atmosphere.  We enjoy hosting puppies, adult dogs and mature, older dogs. At The Cottage, the dogs are free to play, socialize and get mental and physical stimulation, from the time they get up until they are put in their beds at night. They are NOT kept in dog runs all day. Older, quieter dogs are able to stay in a calm environment to relax in soft beds or sit with Jane while she works at her desk. The more playful dogs are in the playroom, romping, running and jumping on and around the puppy playground equipment.

The Cottage Small Dog Day CareAt The Cottage, we give hugs and cuddles all day long. We provide whatever each dog needs and wants.  If the dog enjoys spending time in a lap, if the dogs wants to sit quietly by the refrigerator, if the dog wants a ball thrown, or if the dogs wants to run with doggy friends, we endeavor to fulfill all wishes. We make sure each little dog keeps up with their house training by continuously getting them out into the yard and rewarding them for eliminating outside.

Safety is our utmost concern. The Cottage has a dedicated, professional staff who know each little dog as an individual, catering to each dog’s special needs. All guests are continuously supervised.

The Benefits of Bringing Your Little Dog to
The Cottage Small Dog Day Care?

Peace of Mind & Freedom in addition to:

  • Your little dog will be safe and happy in our “small dogs only” daycare, boarding and grooming haven.
  • We only accept non-aggressive dogs.
  • If you have a busy lifestyle or work long hours your dog will not be home alone.
  • The Cottage is your dog’s home away from home.
  • At The Cottage your dog will not be sitting in a kennel all by himself.
  • Your dog will play with other little dogs in a caring environment, watched over by The Cottage’s long-term, well-trained staff.
  • We enjoy having puppies, adult dogs and mature, older dogs.
  • Jane Brydon, owner of The Cottage is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.
  • You can go away for the day, the week, or the month, knowing that we are focused on your beloved dog with caring, eagle sharp eyes.
  • Once your dog is registered, you can just call or email your reservation.
  • If your dog has a special diet, eats many times a day or takes medications, we will happily cater to your dog’s needs.