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Playtime at The Cottage is

Dogs at dog day care with Jane

Jane Brydon at desk with dogs

dog in bed Cottage Small Dog Day Care

At The Cottage, the dogs are free to play, socialize and get mental and physical stimulation, from the time they get up until bedtime. They are interacting in a safe play group with dogs with similar play styles. Older, quieter dogs are able to stay in a calm environment and relax in soft beds or sit with Jane while she works at her desk. Make a reservation with the form below.

What a wonderful way to end separation anxiety. If your dog is at The Cottage he will not be nervously waiting for you to come home. Your dog will be active and engaged, focusing on Jane, her staff and all of the other little dogs. At the end of the day your dog will be happy, upbeat and tired from many dogcentric activities. If you work long hours, have a busy lifestyle or have day trips planned, drop your dog off at The Cottage for a day of entertainment and fun.

*New Guests: All little dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella.  Your veterinarian can fax the vaccination record to The Cottage before your first visit.  Or you can bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination record on your first visit.

{we only accept dogs 20 lbs and under}